Everything, Light Capsules


New Life For Old Signs

Around the world, worn hand-painted signs are receiving a brief moment in the spotlight due to the projection mapping work of Craig Winslow. In his series Light Capsules, Winslow captures historic walls with ghost signage, uses Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects to revive the sign, then projects back onto the walls with MadMapper.

With the help of sign-painting experts and historical sign collections, Winslow has re-imaged signs across the U.S. as well as in the U.K. and has plans for Canada in July.


The signs are mostly industrial and hand-painted, giving homage to an earlier day and age. More than just a cool one-night-only exhibit, a critical “goal of the project is to draw attention to the unacknowledged lettering artists of the past” (blogs.adobe.com). Buildings with multiple layers – known as palimpsets – add an extra challenge and extra thrill to project. Communities can rally around this recreation of their past, and people can interact with this slice of history in person at any of Winslow’s Light Capsules or online.

Here is an example of new technology creating an opportunity that wouldn’t exist otherwise. This light-projection is non-invasive, creating an opportunity to display the sign in its original glory without affecting the original artwork.

Winslow has a background in 3D-Design and Animation, and is currently an Adobe Creative Resident for 2016/17. More of his work can be found at his website.



Courtesy of http://www.everything-game.com

A Gaming Experience Unlike Any Other

Filmmaker and artist David OReailly’s new game Everything allows players to roam the universe and play as any object or organism the mind can fathom. Players can switch characters from a lion to a grain of sand, a strand of DNA to the entire universe.

So how does such an unorthodox gaming experience like this work? The trailer gives a general sense of the process from switching from microscopic to macroscopic and visa-versa. The transitions are organic and logical, allowing changes from objects to ones immediately visible, but not allowing direct changes from the entire universe to a carbon atom.

Everything is a journey into what it means to exist and coexist

Originally inspired by recordings from the late philosopher Alan Watts, OReilly ultimately decided to include Watt’s inspirational and existential musings as optional narration. The unique game play accompanied by these talks makes this game a beautiful, entertaining exploration of “perception, life, nature, physics, biology, and how our brains interpret the world” (www.everything-game.com). There are also written thoughts included from the likes of Seneca and Emerson, Schopenhauer and Marcus Aurelius.

Courtesy of http://www.everything-game.com

A fun and novel game, Everything is a journey into what it means to exist and coexist. If left alone, the game will continue to “play” and transform by itself (much like the actual universe). This philosophy is present in all components of the game and amounts to a gorgeous, groundbreaking experience for veteran gamers and new players alike.

Everything is available on Playstation 4 as well as PC & Mac for only $15. More info can be found at the official website.




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