Interactive Billboard Top 100, Live Global Weather Data Visualized

A sign of the times – Top 100 hits for over 50 years

Screenshot (60)

Music says a lot about each generation, and nothing quantifies the sound of a decade quite like the Billboard Top 100.

The Pudding, a “Weekly Journal of Visual Essays”, collaborated with LA design studio Use All Five and Matt Daniels of Polygraph to create a seamless visual web player that brings viewers through 58 years of The Billboard Top 100 hits.

Polygraph specializes in visualizations that incorporate animation and code. The incubator stays away from news related stories and instead focuses on what could be considered “passion projects”. As long as there is a palpable idea and the data to support it, Polygon will work with freelancers to bring that project to fruition.

Using album covers as thumbnails, albums rise and fall with their ratings creating a clear picture of the reign of artists like Mariah Carey and The Beatles. Ranging from 1958 to 2016, this visual takes data away from lines of code into a manipulable representation of American music culture.

The cheeky description by The Pudding provides the visualization with the added purpose “so we can stop arguing about when music was still good”. Whether or not these charts really indicate if good music is no longer being produced, this undoubtedly encompasses the spirit of the times and guarantees nostalgia for listeners of all ages .

Now you can reminisce about high school accurately and settle arguments about such-such-artist or this-or-that album. So go look up your birthday and enjoy this data-heavy visual treat.


Enjoy the beauty of wind currents and ocean waves from the comfort of your laptop

Screenshot (62)

Weather can be so much more than a high and low temperature on your phone dashboard. It can include layers of ozone, ocean currents, and particles in the air we breath.

Cameron Beccario created an interactive globe with live weather overlays… and it happens to be beautiful. Beccario sources information from organizations including the U.S. National Weather Surface and NASA.

Watch animated ocean currents with a wave overlay or look at the CO2 surface concentration anywhere on earth.  I highly suggest checking out the Air mode with a Wind overlay at 10 hPa (hectopascals).

Beccario poignantly states on his Twitter profile that atmospheric CO2 has grown +75 ppm in his lifetime. Being able to engage others with this important measurement in his life in undoubtedly one of his motives for creating this visual.

This interactive medium instills a new respect in viewers for the grand systems that rule the world in which we live. Each living organism that we are aware of thrives or dies according to the pixels this map produces.

While this visual won’t necessarily help you get dressed in the morning, it is particularly powerful to see real time data of your Earth. Revel in the beauty of whirling wind gusts and check out ocean currents across the globe. Most of all, enjoy the intricacies of the atmosphere and oceans in a way we can’t otherwise see.




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