Light Creature, Death by Stocks

Transforming Facades In Brazil

In São Paulo, Brazil the Hotel WZ Jardins got a high-tech make-over. A research project focusing on public spaces and how architecture can be changed to benefit cities uses “poetic and functional systems that encourage changes in real time that are impromptu, collaborative and affordable” (

The new exterior, named Light Creature and designed by Guto Requena, changes throughout the day to represent the ambient noise of the surrounding Avenue Rebolledo. Metal sheets cover the hotel, and 200 low-energy LED strips light up the sheets at night. The blue, gold, and grey camouflage facade that the sheets create is lighted from dusk to dawn by interactive light arrays.


Photographer: André Klotz and Ayla Hibri Photos Courtesy of Estudio Guto Requena

Placing the blue, gold, and grey tiles was not arbitrary. The noise data was turned into a timeline (visible below) and then visually wrapped around the building, with certain colors reflecting different noise levels. Gold is a high noise level, navy blue is less loud, light blue quieter still, and grey is silence. Therefore the daytime, unlighted version of the creature facade is anything but random and static.

Photographer: André Klotz and Ayla Hibri Photos Courtesy of Estudio Guto Requena

But the real magic happens at night.

Parametric software interprets data collected from microphones and sensors on the building, and the lights can then reflect conditions such as poor or decent air quality. The creature reacts in real time, instantly reflecting ambient changes and a mobile app lets anyone interact with the creature itself. Users can use touch to change the building, or even “speak” to the building and those sound waves will be reflected on the building.

Photographer: André Klotz and Ayla Hibri Photos Courtesy of Estudio Guto Requena

This engaging remodel and relevant data visualization is a powerful addition to the São Paulo skyline. By modeling local conditions like noise and air pollution, the building becomes not only visually interesting, but also a bold heat map for living conditions and raises awareness about factors that affect our happiness but regularly fly under the radar.



Sell Low, Buy High? Dark Advice From ‘Linear Alpha’

Linear Alpha. Image courtesy of the artist via Creators Project

Robert Walker doesn’t really care if you invest or not, and his art piece/bot will readily give you absurdist trading advice. Based in accelerationism – the idea that technology is going to accelerate and cannot be controlled or regulated – Walker created a utilitarian trading bot of destruction. To be more exact, the piece surveys market data, translates everything into shapes, compares those shapes to a lost alphabet, then a trading logic pattern posts those orders back into the market and tweets advice to the account @LinearAlpha.

As an art piece, this is a ominous and satirical commentary on the mysterious trading under-workings that rule our life behind closed doors. The end result is chaos, and this is reflected in the actual casing for the bot. The physical appearance of the machine encompasses all of that dark juju with a gross amalgamation of screens, cables, wiring, fiber optics, and a rotting bull’s skull. The rack that holds it is based upon the old Chicago futures trading pits.




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